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Hannah Fern

I started writing in early middle school. Hunched over the gigantic family computer in the back of the shared living room. Listening to grooveshark playlists and pouring my angsty preteen soul into the word doc. I knew then I wanted to publish stories and worlds for others to enjoy. 

My parents both love to read and encouraged my obsession with recommendations of their own. My younger brother enjoys a bit of magic and YA fantasy. I grew up in a house of creativity and the encouragement to explore my own art.

With every book I devoured that feeling of wanting to make my own story only grew. Between books, art and life the urge to write never faded. 

I wrote several attempts at a novel, short stories and poems all throughout school and over the years. My love for storytelling became a part of who I am as a person. After high school I got my job in a corporate office and one day over the intercom I heard a name that sparked the idea for my first real story. My first real protagonist was born.

A few years and 220 pages later I finished my first draft of her story. Little did I know that I would still be editing five years after I typed “the end.”.

Writing is as equally rewarding as it is frustrating. There is a part of my soul that knows this is what I’m meant to do. 

I continue to write as often as I can between balancing life, a husband and a toddler. Thankfully I have some amazing friends and family that support me. 

My dream is to be a published author and share worlds, characters and stories with others. I want to make you cry, laugh and never forget the words I put into paper.

Please join me in this journey as J.E. and I make our dreams come true. 

My current works include;

Raven Rose – an Urban Fantasy series.

Lenorah- my Epic Fantasy/High Fantasy series. Complete homebrew of world building, magic systems and complicated plot.

Below & Beyond- a scify series.

Cali Fights Monsters!- my web comic series

“Look to your left, look to your right, one of these people aren’t making it out alive”


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